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Fabric Plates and How They are Made

These plates are not just affordable  but are also great looking as well. They can be used as any kind of gift through out the year.

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Have you ever needed a great gift and you like the "do it your self" stuff well i might have just found a new favorite that you might come to love to do. Before you do start any crafting you will need some material most of these are easy to come by and can diffently be found at a craft store.
  • Mod Podge (Gloss Finish)
  • Plate (Clear glass with smooth back)
  • Glaze and Knylon Finish (non-yellowing Triple thick)
  • Fabric 3/8 yard (of your choosing)
  • Sandpaper Approx 200 and 300 to 400 (girt)
  • Scissors for fabric
  • Foam brush ( its this or your finger a normal brush could be used)

After you have all the materials you are ready to start making these wonderfull plates.

Below are pictures of Mod Podge (bottom top) Glaze finish bottom middle) and foam brush (bottom )




Now to make a plate that looks like the one to the left is not as hard as may it seem. 

  1. Start by removing any sticker's on the back of the plate. It does not matter if they are on the front. make sure that plate at this time is also clean. ( clean with any glass cleaner)
  2. After the plate is clean you can start with a layer of Mod Podge this will dry fast so work at a fast pace. make sure you do not leave big streaks of Mod Podge on the plate.  (spread evenly)
  3. Place the fabric on to the plate so there is extra hanging off  on all side of the back.
  4. Press the fabric down rubing any streaks of Mod Podge in.
  5. Push the fabric for the outer edge and push it into the center. ( this is only if there is a base) The edge of the base may house air bubbles they will be shiny areas in the plate.
  6. The outer egde of the plate if it is not glued down simply put a little Mod Podge on the spot and simply push down. then cut the left over fabric aroud the edges off ( the picture to the left shows it before cutting the extra off) 
  7. let it dry for 15 mins.
  8. Then apply a some what thin layer of Mod Podge Over the fabric keep as little streaks of Mod Podge as possible (they can be sanded out later if there is any.)
  9. let this dry for 15 mins.
  10. Now take the sandpaper with 200 grit and sand the Fabric (bottomside) till soft. Don't sand to hard or you will get holes in the fabric.
  11. Apply a vary thin layer of Mod Podge to the plate. 
  12. let dry for 15 mins. 
  13.  Take the 300 girt to 400 girt sandpaper the Fabric (bottomside) and sand still smooth.  Don'y sand to hard or you will get holes in the fabric.
  14. Ok Before using the Gloss Finish be sure to be in a well vented room. (or just outside)
  15. Apply the Gloss Finish to the plate. Don't over do it, just enough to cover the fabric side( if it is running down the sides you put to much).
  16. Let dry for one hour or 15 minutes if outside. 

Keep in mind thats these plates can not be washed in a dish washer or soaked in water. Hand washing is the best way to clean the plate.

The plate below is what the back should look like when done ( keep in mind the fabric will be different).